Philos restaurant opened on November 1st 1999 as a little family restaurant. In order to create a menu we could be proud of, we spent countless hours developing various plates and recipes. At Philos, freshness and quality are definitely inscribed in the menu. We choose only the finest ingredients and use only the highest quality of meats and vegetables, in an effort to offer the tastiest meals to all our customers. Over the past years, Philos, our little family project, has grown and its success is thanks to you our customers and our dedicated staff. We thank our many loyal customers who have been with us since the beginning and who continue to show us their support.


One thing we've learned in all the years of running our restaurant is that no two guests are the same. We can customize the dining experience for  anyone who walks through our doors.

Our Story


All our employees--bussers and chefs, hostesses and sauciers--is driven by an all-consuming passion to create delicious food and extend impeccable service. If you have what it takes, let's discuss employment opportunities.